A vital area that we feel strongly improves patient outcomes is culture and sensitivity testing. Our expert staff includes several pharmacists, a medical liaison and a degreed microbiologist, who collectively have extensive training and experience in working with physicians reviewing culture and sensitivity testing. Our staff is able to match the antibiotic(s) to the patients’ infection and ensure that the treatment is effective against the causative agent.  This practice improves the success rate of the initial antibiotic(s) in healing the patients’ wounds or clearing their infections. Our staff has experience in interpreting and using standard zone of inhibition sensitivities and also DNA/RNA sequencing data to collaborate with the physician to ensure effective treatment and determine any resistance to antibiotic(s).

We strive to achieve successful outcomes with all of our compounded preparations and welcome the chance to collaborate with physicians in treating these wounds and infections. We offer many types of delivery and dosage forms to best fit the need of the patient and the circumstances of the wound care.