Anderson Compounding Pharmacy takes pride in working closely with ENT physicians and providing them and their patients with efficient and quality compounded treatments. One example is by using cultures and sensitivities. Our expert staff can facilitate the exact combination of antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines for that patients’ specific condition. This procedure speeds the healing process and ensures the patient the best possible treatment for their condition. We also provide unique and effective delivery systems for these treatments. One such system is the Nasoneb™ nasal nebulizer, which with gentle pressure atomizes the drug and allows for greater coverage of the sinuses than other methods provide.

Another delivery system we provide is the NeilMed® nasal irrigation. Allowing the specific medications to be mixed with saline and be used to rinse the sinuses while depositing the medications to best fit the patient needs.

We also offer nasal sprays, which can allow for a convenient, effective, ready-to-use treatment option.

Dry powder insufflators are a useful option to deliver powders to the ear without aqueous or fluid mediums which may be detrimental to the patient’s condition. These same insufflators can deliver muco-adhesive bandages that can contain drugs (i.e. antivirals, lidocaine, etc.) to treat a variety of oral conditions.

Many times an oral mouth wash can be an ideal treatment for oral or throat conditions. We can compound endless combinations, to meet the need of the ENT and the patient.

Anderson Compounding Pharmacy is dedicated to help physicians and patients to find resolutions and supply them with many options in delivery systems and treatments. Please feel free to contact us for additional information. We look forward to being a part of your healthcare needs.